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Quality Inspection

Each step of manufacturing is strict controlled by us, from raw material purchasing to finished products. The inspection is randomly or ordinary two stage sampling according to AQL, as the result, if the failure rate more than 3%, we would abandon these goods 


*  Raw material must be inspected thickness, hardness and surface by QC before carried to warehouse,

the Exterior grinding area must be less 0.5mm2 without two defects per side, no oxidized surface, and the unqualified is returned.




Stamping process is the primary production step which needs mature technique. 

The black billet must be inspected cautiously after stamping, the unqualified is reworked or scrapped.




* Polishing and plating surface treatment needs to be checked color before assembly.   




Assembly and packing are final step,we should confirm function,accessory color,lock material,quantity before installation.